Senior Salmon Ltd’s Gender Pay Gap Data 2017 – 2018

As a recruitment company for the purposes of gender pay gap reporting it is necessary to include both our internal staff but also our temporary workers who are on assignment with our clients.

The inclusion of temporary workers within our pay gap information impacts greatly and distorts in certain areas due to varying sectors altering the overall mix and ratios of male to female, higher pay and lower paid roles based on industries or roles we are recruiting within. Pay rates and bonuses are also dictated by clients and other than the regulatory element required by Living wage, Minimum Wage and Agency Worker Regulations we can have no influence with regards to change pay rates or implement changes to reduce the pay gap.

Overall there would be no difference in pay between our male and female employees in similar roles within our permanent workforce, ie office staff and both female and male staff are in receipt of bonus. Male and female sales staff have equal opportunity to earn bonus and it is paid at the same levels

The following figures are inclusive of all employees, both permanent and temporary staff on assignment with our clients

Mean gender pay gap: 3.3%

Median Gender pay gap: 2.1%

Mean Bonus pay gap: -34%

Females earn more in bonus than males within the organisation

Median Bonus Pay Gap: 8.3%

Proportion of men and women receiving bonus:

19.2% of men receive bonus 10% of women receive bonus

Bonuses are skewered due to the different types of bonus paid out.

Both office based salaried staff are receiving bonus, however a high number of temporary staff are in receipt of production bonuses. The value of the bonus is that women are earning more proportionately in bonus as they are office based salaried staff, whereas more men are in receipt of bonus, although lower as a result of  the temporary staff who are predominantly men working on assignments with our clients.

Overall Pay Gap Graph
Quartile pay gap graphs

Proportion of males and females in each quartile

Lower Quartile:

Of the 130 people in this quartile 74.8% are men 25.2% are women

Lower middle quartile:

Of the 130 people in this quartile 67.7% are men 32.3% are women

Upper middle Quartile

Of the 131 people in this quartile 89.3% are men 10.6% are women

Upper quartile:

Of the 131 people in this quartile 82.4% are men 17.6% are women


This statement is made on behalf of Senior Salmon Limited

By: Martyn Salmon

Position: Director

Date: 19/03/2019


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